english funny usage
Pirates have a certain romance about them that has attracted people for centuries. Tales of pirates and privateers plying the waters have regaled people in theater, film, and print for as long as pirates have plied the waters of the New World, if not sooner. Though the reality is far from romantic, there’s something about the freedom of the high seas and search for wealth that alights the imaginations of millions.

Also, they talk funny.

The almost comical, stereotypical accent of pirates involves a lot of accent on y’s and r’s, making you sound like you’ve had too much to drink, as befitting a group of rogues who often complain that the rum is always gone.  The origins of the accent have several linguistic and historical routes, ...

english funny usage
The English language is a hilarious hodgepodge. Nominally of Germanic origin thanks to the Saxon invasion of England in the eleventh century, the planted seeds of local dialects and Latin left over from Rome’s control of the land, coupled with the love-hate relationship between England and France, has created a linguistic soup that somehow still counts as Germanic rather than romantic.

English is also an old language, and thanks to that it has gleefully helped itself to other languages along the way. From French to the native languages of the New World, English, especially American English, has evolved and changed just like any language. This means that American English offers a few words that mean something completely different, ...