Free Plagiarism Checker with Percentage!

Looking for a free plagiarism checker with percentage reporting features? Well if you are, then you should not worry any more as today is the day that we tell you about the best free tool that should be used by you to check plagiarism! Checking of plagiarism and duplication in academic, professional, website, business, and news content has become very much important these days, especially after the regulations of the rules related to plagiarism! You can't just get away with plagiarism today. You should be very clear that even 1% of exceeded plagiarism can get you face to face with legal actions against you and penalties that you will surely not enjoy paying!

Now the reason that it is very important to check your content with a plagiarism checker is that you have to make sure that your content does not get accused of having more plagiarism then the allowed percentage especially while talking about blogs and academic content! 3 to 7% of unrelated duplication can be catered by many authorities dealing with content management, but you must know that even 0.1% of excess would leave you in regret! So let us tell you about the details of the tools that have the percentage feature and also provide you with free services on a daily basis!

Online plagiarism checker by

You should know that the online plagiarism checker better known by its domain address is and you must also know that this advanced tool is the product of! Now, this is the best tool in this league of plagiarism tools with percentage reporting features, and this is because this tool is used in a very symmetric way and detection of plagiarism with this tool is absolute!
The tool actually works on the basis of advanced algorithms; these algorithms of the tool helps it in breaking the content that you have entered in the text box in small but equal divisions. These can be sets of phrases, each consisting of four to six words. Now soon after the text is split into small phrases, the database of the tool is prepared for comparison on an individual basis. Now because of this enhanced way of deep searching the online plagiarism checker tool can easily detect even accidental plagiarism!

Now the use of the tool is also very easy, and the steps below will be responsible for your easy learning!

Steps to follow to operate the plagiarism tool!

Here is the link that will take you to the main page of the tool. Click on this from where you have to follow some simple steps and start checking your content for duplication!

  1. Enter the text in the text box, and you have multiple options to input text, so choose the one that is best suitable for you. You can type it down, you can paste it, and you can also use uploading integrations to enter content but make sure that you don't cross the 500-word limit per search.
  2. Now know that you have to register yourself for unlimited services, if you don't register then you get limited services that consist of two searches per day.
  3. After input, you have to press the CHECK PLAGIARISM option below the text box.

Soon after you click the button, the tool takes less than a second to detect plagiarism in your content. You will get a detailed report within the blink of an eye.

Now just like any other advanced tool, this one has its own special features that make its utilization more fun, you can read about these features in somewhat detail below!

Key features of the plagiarismsoftware tool!

This tool provides you with free services along with being paid; the packages of the tool are also very affordable if you compare them with complex and unfriendly paid tools in the market.

  • The tool has the best feature of background searching, which makes the result generation even quicker and more efficient.
  • The tool has a free grammar checker feature which means that you can also get rid of silly mistakes like grammar and clarity with the help of this tool!
  • The tool provides assistance 24 hours a day and seven days a week!
  • The results and the reports of the tool are 100% accurate, and with the help of this report, you can easily remove plagiarism if it's exceeding the limits.
  • The tool can also check the misuse of your website content, and you just have to check plagiarism with URL.
  • You can also exclude URLs that are not worthy of checking in your opinion.
  • This advanced online plagiarism checker tool can help a lot as it can accept and understand multiple formations of documents and also languages other than English!

This is the friendliest free tool with a percentage feature in it, and you must try it and make sure that you are always submitting content after checking the duplication!

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