Text Uniqueness and Plagiarism Checker Tools

Text Uniqueness and Plagiarism Checker Tools
In the past few decades, plagiarism has emerged as one of the major obstacles in content writing. Exposure to information has dramatically increased due to the internet, and stealing someone else’s content is easier than ever before. In comparison with deliberate plagiarism, unintentional plagiarism is even harder to fight with. It is something content writers, students, research workers, and journalists are often complaining about. So, how to deal with it? What must be the strategy?

A pro tip: don’t rely on your own memory and instincts to be sure that your text has no plagiarism in it.

Always run your content in a plagiarism checker tool to analyze things in a more accurate way. Otherwise, the consequences of plagiarism and copyright infringement are devastating, and getting away from them is nearly impossible.

Finding the Best Online Tools

There are a great number of options for finding a free plagiarism checker online. Instead of purchasing a tool, try to find free software. Many free websites work just the same as the paid ones. So why waste your money? If you are wondering which these free websites are, then have a look below!

1.  Search Engine Reports

This website offers a really fantastic free plagiarism checker. No subscription charges, no monthly dues—anyone can access this website without spending a single penny. Just enter the URL https://searchenginereports.net/plagiarism-checker, and you are good to go for using this tool. All features of this free plagiarism checker are praiseworthy, but before that, it’s important to talk about its interface.

Search Engine Reports provides really easy to operate, user-friendly interface for this free plagiarism checker. The tool allows a maximum word limit of 2000 words that you can check within a single round. If you don’t want to copy and paste the text, the best alternatives include uploading a file directly from your device’s saved files or accessing your cloud storage. Another option is to find the plagiarists of your work by directly entering the URL of a website.

This free plagiarism checker displays results in percentages to make things easier for users. Each plagiarized text is highlighted by the software so that the user can see it easily. The best feature of this plagiarism checker is its rewriting the text option. This makes things even simpler—instead of paraphrasing the plagiarized text on your own, you can completely rely on the software and let it do the job on its own. This is something that you can rarely find in other free plagiarism remover. The software also provides a plagiarism report. It’s a completely safe tool, and there are no chances of your content going into the hands of another person.

2.  Small SEO Tools

This website also provides free text tools. The plagiarism checker by this site has features almost similar to Search Engine Reports. Based on a few easy steps, this software compares the text with billions of saved content in its database. It checks plagiarism on the level of sentences, going through each of them one by one. Thus, there is not even a single chance that it misses highlighting any plagiarized text.

It supports different file formats, for example, doc., docx., txt., tex., pdf et cetera. Just like the tool mentioned above, you can get a copy of the plagiarism report for yourself. The great thing about this software is that it is available in multiple languages. For instance, English, Espanola, French, Italian, Chinese, et cetera. This provides great comfort to people who are not much efficient in the English Language.

This free plagiarism checker provides the results in the form of percentages. A percentage scale is provided for both the amount of plagiarized and unique text, thus, helping the users in a more refined way. You can further compare the plagiarized text with the original source of text and see where you are going wrong. Then you can either rewrite it on your own or take the help from the software.

3.  Plagiarism Detector

This free plagiarism checker comes in two packages. The basic is completely free and doesn’t cost you any registration or monthly charges. The premium package is, of course, paid, but if you don’t have much budget, the basic package is good to go on as well. With a maximum word limit of 1000 words, you can easily steer your text clear of any form of plagiarism. It has fast performance, and with a few clicks, you are done with your task. This free plagiarism checker has a Deep Search mechanism where it checks the text deeply and thoroughly by comparing it with its database. The results are then displayed in the form of the matched and the unique percentage of text. Users can click on the matched percentages to know the original source and then change it accordingly. There are three main grounds on which a text is examined by this free plagiarism checker, that are: lexical frequencies, word choices, and matching phrases.

Nothing Can Beat Unique Content!

The above three tools are great for running a plagiarism test. These are entirely free of cost and 100% safe to use. Nowadays, everyone acknowledges the importance of unique content that can catch more traffic and helps to build good SEO. If you want to thrive in the online world, make it a habit of running each of your content in a free plagiarism checker before uploading it on the internet. Nothing can beat unique and organic material that has no match on the internet.

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