The Complete Guide to Article Writing Format

Writing an article is an important skill to develop, which students should also possess. To achieve the grades and to graduate from the university or college, article writing is an exceptional event. Today, you can access more than you can imagine whether reading or learning new things. Have you ever thought that the writers and bloggers you follow create interesting posts daily while you must do your assignments and tasks? Nowadays, authors should be extremely careful with sharing ideas in a digital world. Luckily, each article format example that is available on the web can always come as a helping hand to them. As a developing nation, it should be made concise to be effective in a broader population circle. If you haven't exercised writing articles before, our post will walk you through the steps.

1. Find the Difficulties Facing Your Ideal Customers

The key to effective content structuring is always to remember your target customers while writing. This is not to say that the search engine algorithms are not important, rather you cannot allow them to get overshadowed by SEO considerations. Thus, when you consider different writing formats for the consumers of a particular brand, you make sure that your customers will be interested in your product, face the problems and their pain points, and have the ones they can identify with. Readers are captivated and, in the best instances, return for additional content as valued and informative articles are anticipated.

Collect the data qualitatively via interviews, focus groups, and surveys. Consider their product usage reasons, the results the product brings with it, and these influential factors. Gathering the audience's information, forums, social media groups, and other sites they often visit might also be a good idea for you. They cover many topics and issues, and most of the time they have questions that need your full concentration level. This interactive technology may indicate where lead pain is felt in real time.

2. Come Up with The Interesting Opening

At the start of making an incredible article writing format, you should announce the issue as clearly as possible to let your readers know what they will spend their time reading. At the beginning of a text, it is probably the one thing that either makes a reader stay and continue or fall off and stop. To attract the target viewers, you can apply storytelling strategies, for example, individual descriptions of a problem that viewers have, and then promise to show how to solve this issue. Additional suggestions for enhancing the start of your essay are as follows:

●  The short sentence that should be composed of variable phrases will only be the one that informs the reader about what to expect from the text being read. Let the devices draw in the readers by interestingly introducing the topic.

●  Simplify your language: Keep these sentences short so that readers can easily understand your thoughts. If you want your content to be catchy, use active verbal construction and cut out words like "that," "just," "even," and "seem." The active voice makes the sentences lively and interesting when expressing your message.

●  Compose the main body first: If you strive to give yourself choices as to how to narrate your story, finish composing the major information and the opening section. One way to do this is to use and eventually replace it once the body is already done.

●  Keep commitments: First, list only the main points of discussion that will later be fleshed out in your blog post. This move will make the reader tell you what made their first glance at your work and motivate them to continue reading your piece to the end.

3. Choose An Area of Interest to Write About

Before you start writing, the first item you should do is to come up with an exhaustive list of the topics you might like to write about. And right here, writing format examples is what might be beneficial. This offers you a chance to learn and discover what it is that will make you an enthusiast. If you are working on the area of an article for your company, you will need to meet different members from your firm and try to select the theme that most of them think could magnetize potential clients. To zoom in on your target audience, as is the case, you may need to interact with your manager and/or executive team directly. On the other hand, people suggest you place a clear warning sign on that place before you are on an article. This exercise aims to encourage you to begin to write and be able to make a swift decision about this direction to continue with.

4. Pay Attention to The Structure and Components

How the information is presented is also very important. The arrangement and construction of the chapter play a key role in the exposal of facts: an introduction, two or more main body paragraphs, and a conclusion form the basic article structure. In the opening sentence, if the author intends to grab the reader's attention and be concise with the introduction, consider the phrase, "The very first lines draw the reader in, and at the same time offer a summary of the main concern". Two subsections will highlight the subject matter - the body paragraphs will offer facts, evidence, and arguments about the topic. It is much more manageable to keep a smooth span between paragraphs if you use those transition words.

Finally, the conclusion brings the main themes to a culminated end, leaving the readers with an image that will forever remain in their minds. Therefore, headers and subheadings help better organize the text so readers can easily search for information and comprehend the content. They are often present in the cheapest writing service, and believe us, they are worth trying! Bullet points, statistics charts, and creative images can also help you make clearer, readable text.


The necessary competency for blogging would be that every student can write articles. Make reading engaging by selecting suitable content and sticking to the provided article format. Make sure your topic is catchy and relatable, give the subject much attention then arrange your essay with an introduction that will capture the readers, the body part that will tell points of interest of the subject in detail, and a summary. Developing your article writing skills takes time and effort, don’t forget that!

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