The Dos and Don'ts of College Essay Writing

If you are a college student, you must have written tons of essays. However, writing this content can sometimes feel challenging, especially if you have not been practicing and developing such work. In addition, the requirements in universities may be higher than what you are used to. Therefore, knowing the dos and don'ts of college essay writing can help you develop excellent content. Keep reading this article to find out more.


Learning about the dos of college essay writing will help make your content better. Also, it should improve your overall grades. Below are the things you want to do.

Create an Appealing Introduction

Your introduction is one of the most essential aspects of your writing. It gives readers a glimpse of what you can deliver and what to expect. As such, providing a captivating intro builds up reader expectations. On the other hand, an uninspiring introduction turn-off your audience and may negatively influence grading, even if you deliver quality content in the main body.
A good introduction may start with an exciting anecdote. Thus, it is helpful to begin with a captivating question. Being able to draw your readers' attention may be all you need to convince them of the quality of your work.

Present Your Real Voice

In addition, writing an essay is an excellent opportunity to present your authentic voice. Hence, a great introduction may include your perspectives or experiences. If you are writing a personal story, this section should start with an overview of your resilience, growth mindset, or other positive attributes. It should help you develop a deep connection with your readers.

Use Simple Words and Sentences

People are generally not enthusiastic about reading complicated content. As such, writing using complex words and sentences may be counterproductive. Instead, you will want to leverage simple words and phrases that even a child can read and understand. Doing this helps bring clarity to your work. Also, it highlights to your readers your capacity to communicate your thoughts.

Demonstrate Your Story

Many writers choose to write a personal story when asked to create an essay. However, many prefer to tell instead of showing it. For example, telling people you are dedicated and hardworking sounds boring. However, painting a scene demonstrating these attributes creates a memorable and engaging essay. Furthermore, acquiring the capacity to develop these types of intros requires time. As such, some students opt to outsource this task. If you’d like to do the same but wonder, “Who can write paper for me?”, try to find an expert writer online. Doing thorough research gives learners access to competent writers proficient in various fields.

Focus on the Topic

A good feeling comes with writing about something you are passionate about. Yet, you also stand the chance of going off-topic. Doing this can negatively impact your assessment. Therefore, you must stay focused on the essay topic.
The best way to stay focused on the topic is to understand the primary question of an essay. Hence, you can start by carefully reading the prompt to understand what your instructor wants from you. Armed with this information, you should ensure that every section of your writing conforms to this standard.

Develop an Outline

Developing an outline is a writing skill every student should have. You can find more info on how it improves your imagination and creativity. By drafting an outline, you may instinctively begin to fill out content in between main points. Similarly, an outline helps you maintain a logical format for your essay. It can assist you in staying focused on the primary theme.


Avoiding essay don’ts allows you to create excellent content. Below are things you should avoid.

Avoid Using Clichés

A cliché is something people have heard about multiple times. So, using it in your content makes your writing feel unoriginal. Thus, avoiding generic language in your writing is desirable if you want to impress your evaluators. To achieve this, you should not use vague statements that can mean anything. Instead, you should use specific details and descriptive words that articulate your thoughts.

Do not Rush

Essay writing is a process that requires time. Therefore, you should not rush the process. What you want to do is carefully reflect on the essay question by brainstorming ideas and creating a draft. Once you have the first version, you can slowly proofread and edit it.
Likewise, you should not rush the proofreading and editing phase. Take your time reviewing, editing, and proofreading the content. Doing this ensures you identify and correct any punctuation, grammar, and spelling errors. If you are done writing, it is also helpful to find someone to go over the essay. Having an extra set of eyes can detect mistakes that may have eluded you.

Do Not Modify the Topic

You may be tempted to modify the essay topic you are given. However, doing this may lead you to create an article that deviates away from what your instructor wants from you. To prevent this from happening, ensure you have a clear understanding of the topic.

Do not Skip Research

Never skip research before writing an essay. In particular, argumentative essays that present multiple sides of an argument may require extensive research. In such a situation, ensure you read through several contents before you start writing. Doing this helps you develop compelling arguments. It also allows you to present factual information.


There are various dos and don'ts you should consider when creating a college essay. You must develop an appealing introduction while presenting your original voice. Also, use simple words and sentences as you present your story. Furthermore, demonstrate your story, focus on the topic, and develop an outline for great results.
On the other hand, you should avoid clichés. Do not rush, modify the topic, or skip research.

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