Why Do We Need QR Codes And How Funny They Can Be?


Every day we meet a wide variety of people and exchange a large amount of data or information with them. This data has to be saved somewhere so that we can easily get this data whenever we require it. The great place to store the data is your smartphone. But the quickest and easiest technique to save or scan data is through QR code and with the help of this article, you can simply generate the QR code for any type of data in moments and transfer it to pass it to other. The data or info can be SMS, E-Mail, Text, Web Address, or it could be your vCard info.

Let’s take a look at what is “QR code” and how can they make your lives easy
“QR Code” is actually a Japanese creation created by a company named Denso-wave which came up with the idea of quick data sharing. QR Code is a dual-dimensional barcode which saves data in it and is said to be the Quick Response box. QR Code is slight squares joint to create a large square that looks like dark black squares which are closely arranged on a white background which builds it be similar to white and black boxes joint together.

How QR code can look like?
The above funny-looking box is truly a quick way to scan and access your data on your smartphone, iPad or additional tablet device set up to be able to get them. Since a lot of people are now making use of the free QR Code Quick Reader software to allow their smartphones/devices to QR Codes, you can also get them fixed onto your brochures, business cards, website, and other advertising resources.

Some funny things regarding QR code 

QR Codes are the opposite of joy.
QR Codes are the opposite of joy.

Buzzword bingo dual score: Following cookie + QR Code. 
Buzzword bingo double score: Tracking cookie + QR Code.

Please scan my shoes! WTF?
Please scan my shoes! WTF?

Binders full of QR Codes.
Binders full of QR Codes.

How Does a QR Code Work?
Let’s say a user of the smartphone comes with a single of these codes while viewing a magazine. With their phone, they can simply scan the QR code and it can automatically bring up to an exact part of your phone related website with a great video, offer, contest or guidelines to your shop.

How Can My Company/business tap into the Profits of Using QR Codes?
On something since QR codes need to be printed, this is a great chance for your company/business to cast a wide net though saving your memo vastly targeted. You can print QR codes in newspapers, magazines, local coupon publications, business cards, menus, direct mail, product packaging, flyers, signage, etc. At what time customers scan the QR code with their device, you can direct them to a superior feature on your phone website. E.g.:
  • Store locator
  • Direct buying from the smartphone
  • Recipes
  • Coupons
  • Downloads
  • Make restaurant reservations/view menu

Advantages of Using QR Codes for the Consumer
Having a mobile responsive website and make use of QR codes with it can place a bright good impression of your company in the customer’s mind. By joining QR codes into any type of print media you make use (magazine ads, business cards, fliers, coupons, signs) your consumer doesn’t have to dial a single number or even click a single thing to obtain where they need to go (or where you require them to go). They don’t need mess-up around for a pen and notebook to note down your physical address, phone number, or URL. By creating it simple for them to discover the info they require, you save them time. These helpful and good impressions really do convey people into your store. The figures are effective: 94 percent of users of mobile look for native info on their mobile phones — 66 percent of people who really visit a company/business in person or connected later.

Advantages of Using QR Codes for Small Companies/Businesses
Having a responsive design of the mobile website and make use of QR codes to get people to it as a good technique to obtain the word out regarding your company, increase understanding of consumer and make additional sales. Current readings show that the usage of QR codes by customers to tap into responsive mobile professional websites has jumped by 50 percent in excess of the previous year. Further precisely for small companies, persons that have a mobile using website stated an 84 percent growth in sales—subsequent openly from searches of smartphone and action scanning of code.

QR Codes provide you a Competitive Advantage
With a mobile website, these are just a couple of the choices out there for small businesses. In addition to mobile websites, these choices present an actual opportunity for small businesses. Still, there are a small number of small businesses that even thinking regarding their mobile design website, let be connecting it with QR codes, your company/business can be firstly in step to net the clients who are previously out there by their smartphones to look for services and products.

What can be encoded in?
QR codes have information encoded in them by QR code creators. These creators are connected and make it easy to build a QR code with the consumer’s wants in mind. Although conservative barcodes are just able to save 20 numbers; QR codes are able to handle up to approximately 100 times extra info than the usual barcode.
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