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About word counter service

At times, it becomes very handy to have a tool which can give a person an idea or a jest of the text he or she have written, that’s when the online word counter becomes useful. Such needs may arise when a person is working in the field of academics who has to write research papers, articles, journals or assignments, as a student, everyone is limited by a word amount limit. And let’s not ignore, the daily articles we see popping up on the internet every other minutes, they too are limited by words count. Adding more to the list where people are bounded by text limits and have to calculate words are writing legal proceedings, advertisement columns and media advertising. Also, such online counting tools are highly preferred by article writers and translators to determine the cost of articles or passages. Hence, highlighting the importance of sentences, paragraphs and word counting.

Now, as the word gives away, the tool helps to analyze the document and put forward a statistic. This statistic gives an overview of the text quality, the usage frequency of the words that you have written in a passage along with combination of characters. In addition, the online word counter tool, doesn’t only limits itself to analyze the text you have written, but also analyzes the sentence counts, symbols counts and the number of punctuations used.

Our online counter also gives an option to see the analysis of frequency of words usage. The statistic shows the results in % and also gives the user an option to control the minimum and maximum letters and words amount to be displayed on the tool. The catch is to alert the writers when they reach the limit.

What’s convenient is how the online word counter tool is user-friendly and can do its job of statistics calculation irrespective of the text’s language. In addition to this, the tool also gives the user more control to over plagiarism and SEO writing by using the filter of stop words. This filter allows eliminating the frequently used words of 27 languages while making the calculations. The list can also be edited and new variants can also be suggested by the user.

The free word counter can easily calculate words from supported formats of documents such as, pure text file, PDF documents, HTML code file, Microsoft Word, Excel sheet and Electronic Publication. In simple words, the tool is quite flexible and disregards the need of converting your document files to word files and then to calculate words. Finally, the our word counter also lets the user to type, keep an eye on the words amount, do the analysis report and also save the typed content in a given format.

The tool has become quite resourceful for SEO specialists and article writers, simply because with this tool they are able to grasp the predefined word limit and play with words accordingly, making it easier for them to achieve the uniqueness in the content, hence, knocking out the question of plagiarism.


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Comprehensive and clear picture of text quality and word / characters coverage

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Stop words can be excluded to make the statistics clear and more concrete

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User can upload text from disk from PDF, WORD, ePUB and other formats.

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PDF, Word, TXT, ePUB or FB2


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