Online Typing Speed Checker

Universal tool to check your typing skills and velocity. Select time parameters and press 'Start' button to start the test procedure. As soon as times starts counting down the rest of time, please, type your text in text area below. You will be notified as soon as time is elapsed.
Parameter Value

Typing Speed and Quality

It became very popular to check your typing skills and to compete with your friends on the speed and quality of the typed text within some predefined time interval.

Typing checker allows users to check the typing speed and meanwhile compute the statistical information like number of words, count of symbols, typing speed per minute.

Typing person can always pause and then resume the process without loose of the statistics.

Currently typing test does not check syntax and grammar of the text

Try to use so called 'Touch typing' method to increase speed of typing

In case you would like to gather more statistical information about the text and words density, please, visit this page


User-Friendly Interface

Convenient to use and type, pause and resume

Comprehensive Statistics

Text statistics as well as type speed figures

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