Links Extractor

Type on a web page to extract links from url and press 'Extract'.
Link Title Text No Follow

What links do we extract?

Our service parses the provided website page and discover all anchor 'href' attributes. We do not check the content of the document referenced by this link. The analyzer does check the redirection and the protocol of the initially provided resource's page. Please, be sure that a link is valid and does not build the page dynamically with some scripts engine. The extract of links from page starts immediately after the content is received.

What type of information is provided by our links extractor?

Originally our links analyzer builds the reports based on the list of links discovered

For SEO needs the the urls extractor constructs the distinct list of domains.

Additionally the statistics with the list of links, titles, texts and flags of 'no-follow' attribute is built based on the links extractor analysis.


Simple interface

Convenient and Easy to execute the links analyzer

Different Types of Reports

List of links, list of domains and enhanced statistics


Save the list of discovered links and statistics as Text or CSV files