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What is JSON?

JSON, also known as Java Script Object Notation, is an open standard format that uses readable text to communicate data objects consisting of attribute value pairs. It is a light weighted interchange format that is easier for humans to read and write and for machines to understand and generate. It is one of the common data formats that is used for asynchronous browser or server communication that replaces the XML. Many applications and online converters are found that helps in reading JSON files.

Purpose of Online JSON Viewer

Most of the data is now sent over via JSON that is an alternative to the XML format. JSON format is great but how do you read such files is the question that arises. The structure and spacing in XML is easier to decode but if you are using JSON and quickly want some data then you should use a JSON Viewer. For such purposes, luckily, there are various free online JSON Viewers found on the internet where you can paste the JSON code and visualize the data.

JSON Format

JSON Format is a text format based on JavaScript syntax and used to declare object data. JSON format is more convenient and easier for complex data serialization than XML format. If JSON viewer is not able to analyze JSON text that is provided by the user then a warning is shown and no visualization is done.

Online JSON Viewer

While working with JSON, you may often need an Online JSON Viewer. Online JSON Viewer is a convenient online tool that evaluates decoded characters. Other than that it also uploads web pictures if the links are in text fields which is a unique feature among various other JSON Viewers. It also has a feature to strip the white blank spaces and format JSON variable.

Online JSON Viewer is a user friendly application whose main task is to provide simple method of viewing the contents and data of JSON files.

The Online JSON Viewer is one of the powerful JSON Viewers that allows you to paste the JSON in the text space area and then look at the tree structure in the viewer tab. The online JSON Viewer does allow you to expand the whole tree at one time and the text area has options like loading JSON data via URL and remove white space. Using the Online JSON Viewer, you can also easily convert your JSON Data to XML format by using the tab that says “JSON ->XML”. Online JSON Viewer is a simple ready to use application that doesn’t require any advanced computer know-how.

The above information sums up the functionality of Online JSON Viewer. Overall, one can conclude that an Online JSON Viewer is not a complex application. It carries out its purpose with a minimal impact on system resources. It is recommended to all the users to try the Online JSON Viewer if they are looking for a JSON Reader as it is simple and easy to use.


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