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The language of HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) - it is a platform-independent markup language text.

Documents marked with this language are displayed same in browsers of end users (clients) in the majority of cases.

The online HTML formatter expects the source code of the document is an ASCII coding with logical blocks (paragraphs, headings, tables, ...) which are separated by structures in the language HTML.

Element - a set of logically complete content and its boundaries (beginning and end). The boundaries of the element are defined by commands.

Tags (tags) - are the basic structure of HTML - the beginning and the end of the command element, which can be, respectively, the opening and closing.

HTML element should look like this:

  • opening tag
  • Logically complete content
  • closing tag

The use of tags is limited to the following rules:

  • tag name matches the name of the element
  • opening tag consists of an opening angle bracket (<), the element name and the closing angle bracket (>)
  • closing tag consists of an opening angle bracket (<), "Right slash" symbol (/), the element name and the closing angle bracket (>)
  • element name can be written in either upper or lower case.
  • Web-page text and tags in the same file, which is called HTML-document.

The main goal of the online HTML formatter is to process the document according to the HTML open and close tags correspondence and to make the indent and new lines beautifying.


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