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What is this code for?

What does QR abbreviation mean? The answer is quite simple – it means a “quick response code”, a visual matrix code that can be used to quickly access any information about an interested product, person or company.

We meet many people every day and exchange a variety of information with them. This information must be stored somewhere so that we can access them whenever we need it. The best place to save the information is your mobile phone. The easiest and quickest way to store or scan information is through QR picture and with the help of our generator, you can create the code for any kind of information in seconds and download it to pass it to people. The information can be Text, SMS, E-mail, Web Urls, or your vCard information.

Let’s have a look at what is QR key and how can we generate it.

“QR code” is a Japanese invention by a company Denso-wave which came up with the concept of data sharing made quick. Such codes are small squares combined to make a big square and are said to be the Quick Response box. They look like black squares and they are specifically arranged on a white background which makes it looks like black and white boxes combined together. Quick responsive picture is a two-dimensional barcode type view which stores meta information in it.

The generated QR codes can store the information in any form whether it’s in alphabets, numbers or special characters. The bar codes are readable by a device which can view through a camera and therefore, transfers the information they carry to the machine connected. The codes can save information of up to 7089 digits or 4296 characters. This information is encoded in the form of patterns and can be decoded by the machine it relates to.

Why do we encode the information and how our qr code online maker can help on this?

Let’s have a look what is the difference between QR and barcodes. The barcodes are intended to keep and to transfer large information quickly and efficiently. A cashier always just scans the barcode on the product which automatically inserts all the descriptive and price related information into the computer, and he doesn’t have to enter the details manually. Sure, it makes it quicker and easier to process. All the descriptive information is stored and transferred easily.

Similarly, QR images save the information in the squares. You can simply download any code image with a reader application on your handy and read the content. If they hold web page address, the web address will be opened in the browser of your phone. In case the code has a business card information, the contact will be automatically saved in the address book of your mobile device and so on.

In a nutshell, the code performs these specific functions:

  • It allows to store and transfer data quickly and efficiently
  • It puts a lot of information in just one square (4296 characters)
  • It automatically reads all the data and saves it

The trend to use such codes to encode your information and quickly transfer to people has increased. All the business cards are now electronic with QR boxes on them. Our generator of QR codes can help you to create such image for your product by simply putting in the information in the box and make the information transfer convenient.


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