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Useful and simple tool for formatting and beautifying of user JavaScript.
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JavaScript Beautifier

JavaScript was originally created in order to make the web-page "live". Programs in this language are called scripts.

In the browser, they are connected directly to HTML and, once some page is downloaded - they are executed immediately.

Programs on JavaScript - plain text nothing more. They do not require any special preparation or compilation.

It was planned that JavaScript is a such a "little brotherĀ» Java. However, the story had its own way, JavaScript has grown, and now it is a completely independent language with its specification, which is called the ECMAScript, and has nothing to do with Java.

TERM JavaScript - it's "safe" general-purpose programming language. It does not provide low level abstraction of work with memory, processor, as was initially focused on web browsers, where it is not required.

As for the other options - they depend on the environment in which the running JavaScript. In JavaScript, the browser is able to do everything that relates to the manipulation of the page, interact with the visitor and, in some measure, to the server: Create a new HTML-tags, delete existing ones, change styles of elements, hide, show elements, etc.

React to the visitor, to process a mouse click, move the cursor, clicking on a keyboard, etc. Sends a request to the server and download data without reloading the page (this technology is called "AJAX").

Get and set the cookie, query data, display messages ... ... and much, much more! JavaScript - fast and powerful language, but the browser imposes on its execution are some limitations ...

Simple things done simply. Supported by all commonly used browsers, and is enabled by default.

JavaScript formatting tool gives you possibility to control the target formatting style of JavaScript line by line so you can easily read, modify and use it afterwards in your development duties.

By control of indent and symbols usage you can easily control the output view and modify it according to your needs.



Convenient and Easy parameterization

Color support

JavaScript colorization helps to read the code