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Online typing practice

How often do you ask yourself: "how many words can I type per minute?". If quite often then our typing speed test free tool is the correct place where to get the answer.

Let's have a look at the typing technique first!

Blind method of typing - the technique of typing without looking at the keys of the typewriter or keyboard keys of the computer, using all the fingers, formerly known as the American Blind typing method, exists for more than 120 years.

Today, access to a computer is not a luxury, and most of the texts are printed, not handwritten. It is no secret that the ability to type texts as quick as possible without mistakes becomes necessary for everyone. Currently, with the need to type the text on the computer, we face almost constantly by making documents, communicating online, sending emails, entering search queries and even just playing games. So owning the skill of "blind" method of typing is not just aesthetic, but also very useful.

Whether it is English typing or other language some people try to learn the keyboard layout of the computer, considering mainly the visual method of work: Looking at the keyboard and searching the right keys, hitting them with the index or middle fingers. The main drawback of this method of work is the need for visual control of finger movements to avoid misprints. To read the original is possible only at a stop in work, having memorized text by fragments.

In this case the typist should constantly switch his sight from the original to the keyboard and back. So called ‘sighted letter’, according to doctors, is harmful to the health of the typing person, because it is necessary to constantly visually monitor the movement of three or four fingers on the keyboard (this is a very heavy load) and read the just typed text which is obsolete for the ‘blind method; where you only read the text that you blindly type on the keyboard. It is natural that the fatigue of eyes and fingers of hands leads to that such work becomes unproductive, normal mistakes with such method – omission of separate words, phrases, and sometimes whole paragraphs of the original. It is also worth considering the case of poor lighting - when blind printing does not require looking at the keyboard at all.

Normal visual style of typing would take 30-40 minutes to type the single page, while blind method takes only up to 4-5 minutes for the same amount of text.

The reason of the high-speed typing is the fact that all fingers are busy and each finger matches to its corresponding characters.

Unmistakable and high-speed typing is possible only with strict keys distribution among all ten fingers and work without looking at the keyboard. Typing with a "blind" typing method, a person does not think about the process that takes place inside him, and thinks only about the text that he should type. When you print with all your fingers it significantly reduces the number of errors, develops fine motoric skills.

People mastered a blind-typing method tend to work more efficiently by 15-20%. Writing letters, reports, documents becomes more accurate and faster. It should be noted that in most countries of Western Europe and the United States, the method of blind typing is obligatory for studying in schools.

The ability to type without looking at the keyboard is based on the fact that the frequent repetition of the same actions makes them seemingly automatic and unmistakably accurate. This develops a body type of memory, and the typist can work on the keyboard, looking only at the text of the original or listening to the speech of the speaker. The frequency of occurrence of letters of the alphabet is counted by linguists. In this regard, they are located on the keyboard in such a way that the most common letters are located exactly below the most developed fingers (index and middle), and the rest letters - on the less developed fingers.

Hands position

The fingers on the main buttons/letters are distributed as follows:

Left hand: little – 'a', ring – 's', middle – 'd', index – 'f';

Right hand: index – 'j', middle – 'k', ring – 'l', little – ';'.

online typing master

Such hands position (asdf <---> jkl;) is called the “source” position.

Keys with letters are distributed on the fingers as follows:

  • To the left index finger-f, g, r, t, v, b;
  • To the right index finger — j, h, u, y, m, n;
  • To the left middle finger -e, d, c;
  • To the right middle finger -i, k, ,;
  • To the left ring finger -w, s, x;
  • To the right ring finger -o, l, .;
  • To the left little finger-q, a, z;
  • To the right little finger - p, ; , ', [ , ].
  • The thumbs of both hands press the SPACEBAR.

Backspace, Enter, CapsLock, Tab are pressed by little fingers.

To type in the uppercase ‘Shift’ button should be pressed by the little finger of the free hand.

Guidelines for the study of the “blind” method of typing

The study of blind typing follows certain technique, no matter whether the simulator is used or the classical methods. The technique is based on repeated typing of certain letters.

The training begins always with the letters f and j, then d and k, s, l, etc. Each exercise repeats the letters and words of these letters, gradually adding new letters until the entire keyboard is covered.

To become the real typing master the blind typing, you should follow the next simple rules with our typing speed test free tool:

1. Fingers must constantly stick to the main position. If necessary to press the key from another row it is strictly important to move the finger and then to return it to its original place. Be sure to return the finger to its original position! Fingers memorize all movements from the original position and will execute it automatically afterwards.

2. To not overload your fingers, hit the keys slightly without any pressure. The principle of the computer typing is light, clear, jerky strikes, without delaying the fingers on the keys. Hands and fingers should be relaxed as much as possible.

3. Do not put your hands on any surface while typing. If the keyboard has a stand, it can be used during the break.

4. When you do not type or use the mouse, try to relax the hands and forearms. Do not hold your hands on the edge of your working table.

5. Do not hurry in learning the keyboard layout. If there are no certainty and automatism in the typing exercise of any letter, it is necessary to repeat typing again and again.

6. When learning, you should look at the text you are typing. Do not look at the keyboard! Try to remember where the letter is located, without looking at the keyboard!

7. Press each key only with the dedicated finger. Remember that each key belongs to its corresponding finger!

8. When printing, only the fingers move. No elbows, no shoulders! You must not tire! Don't strain your face, your back, your hands. Check yourself at times. Try to relax and reach automatism in a set of letters.

9. Train daily! At least 10-20 minutes a day. With this training for 10-14 days you will be able to become the real master of typing.

Why our Free Online typing test checker?

Our typing speed test free tool allows users to check the typing speed and meanwhile compute the statistical information like number of words, count of symbols, typing speed per minute and etc.

Typing person can always pause and then resume the process without loose of his statistics.

CPM stands for Characters Perm Minute and WPM for Words Per Minute correspondingly. Wasted time means the time you spend without any typing.

Anyone can check his typing speed test based on the samples provided for the next languages as part of our free online typing test: English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Dutch, Russian and Hindi.


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